We respect the privacy of all our content suppliers and customers.

We do not sell, rent or make any of your details to any other party.

If you purchase our products using a credit or debit card, then we do not have any access to the card details and they are not recorded on our systems.


When you join us as a member you create your own member id and password and register with an email address. We only record this information so you can log into our site as a member and so you can recover these codes if you need to in the future.

If you subscribe to our newsletter we will record the email address you subscribe with. We will then send an email to that address for you to activate your subscription. If you do not activate the subscription you will not get our newsletters. All newsletters contain a link so you can unsubscribe from future newsletters if you wish to.

When you become a customer, we will record sufficient information on our orders system to be able to link the payment from either PayPal or Verotel back to your order, so we can supply you with the digital books you have purchased. This information includes the email address you provide during checkout and a confirmation code from the payment channel. We do not record or receive any information relating to debit or credit cards used in any transaction.

When you become a content supplier (author) we also record the information you provide such as the author pen name, biography and other information in the authors and publishing suites. We also record your PayPal email address if that is the way you choose to be paid any royalties. If you choose to be paid by Bank Transfer we do not record your bank details on our system. These are dealt with via email and then recorded on our UK bank's systems.

When you purchase any of our paperback editions we will need to record your postal address. If you are living in the UK we will also give you the chance to register for our UK Mail Order catalogues if you are not already registered. If you register, then each monthly issue of our imprint catalogues will give you the chance to ask us to change or delete your subscrption options.

If you no longer wish to be associated with us at any time you can email us to ask us to delete your member account. This will physically delete any information we have for you, and you will lose access to any books you have purchased. If you are a content supplier we will also need you to confirm you are asking us to remove all your author profiles and books from sale. As we provide access to members to download their purchases at any time, we can not physically delete any books for an author, but they will be permanently removed from sale.