This page was last updated 22nd November 2017


Fiction4All operates two sites for our Exclusive authors at:

and (for the Zadkiel Publishing imprint)


You earn 75% royalty on the above sites.


In addition to your royalties from our own sites,

you will also receive 75% of any income generated from sales

of digital editions on 3rd party sites where we distribute your titles.

This includes sites such as Kindle (and Kindle paperbacks if you opt into the full paperback program see our Paperbacks Info page)

and other 3rd party sites ie sites not owned by Fiction4All.


If we get your book into paperback (minimum 30000 words and at our discretion on a book by book basis)

you have two packages to choose from.


You will earn 50% of net proceeds for your paperback editions from our UK Mail Order program if

you do not wish to join our extended paperback editions program


If you opt-in to our full paperback editions program you will earn a flat royalty for each copy sold.

See our Paperbacks Info page for more information.